Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics

Push Push

"Nothing like a lazy afternoon."

"What's for dinner?"

Baby Jesus

"Life is an adventure."

"Love, love is all you need."

Bull Bull

"The most beautiful you is the one in the mirror."

"Think... pause... paws... reflect... nap."


"I will always guard your heart."

"Its 3am, your body says sleep, but your mind says play!"

About Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics

Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics is committed to giving you the highest quality handmade commemorative ceramic pet products. Each of our objects represents a single picture of a single story. The story may be short or long, simple or complex, but each story interweaves with every other. The meaning of the single frame we represent may be understood, or lost, depending on the viewers own memories, both social and personal. Together we hope, the frames will weave new stories, with new links to the viewers worlds.


Every dish is handmade in the famous Bohemian Cat House in Vermont. Each dish is hand thrown on the potters wheel and then hand glazed. Then custom unique art work is made for every custom order. The art work is hand drawn and then hand applied. The images will never fade or wear off. Don't settle for mass produced products. Let our team make you something truly unique!

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Follow the famous Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics cats and their adventures in the Bohemian Cat House.

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